The vineyard

The vineyard, with an area of 55 hectares, classified in the Côtes du Rhône area, has been exploited for 5 generations.

Solange and Patrick Roux follow with passion the birth of each vintage that brings its nuances and its complicity.

Our Grape Varieties

Syrah :

These red grapes are deep coloured with lively purple reflections. They have an aromatic richness (fruits of the forest, black currant, liquorice, pepper and black olives with hints of violet and sometimes a wild, untamed quality. The tannins in the grape make their wines suitable for keeping.

Black Grenache :

A grape used in many wines, charming and capricious with an elegant colour. It is distinctive and rich (black cherry, blackberry, leather, spiced bread, strawberry and cocoa). Warming, full flavoured and mildly acidic. Silky with tannins, its rosé wines are polished.

White Grenache :

This grape produces fragrant white wines (white floral flavours, citric fruits, broom blossom). Well balanced and gentle on the palette.

Cinsault :

A juicy, fruity grape. Slightly acidic, it produces pleasant rosés. Tannins soften the crisply sensual wine produced from this grape.

Viognier :

A complex grape, often with a distinctively marked skin and rich intricate aromas ( apricot, candied grape, honey, honeysuckle, pear, voilets), when well ripened it is warm, powerful and at times mentholated. It is velvety in the mouth, mellow with a long finish.

Marsanne :

Gives a finely scented wine (flinty, citric, hazelnut). Generally full and potent. Ages well.

Marselan :

The small, almost black fruits produce very concentrated red wines with perfumes of cassis, kirsch, blackberry jam. Its tannins are strong and meaty, it can be strongly alcoholic. It is used as a component in blending.

Grapes by wine
Grenache blancx

Exposition : At the foot of the wooded areas, on the eastern slope of the first hills of the right bank of the Rhône.